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For many years I have made woodworking my hobby &, occasionally, I am able to make a modest income from it.

Since the early ’80s, I have been making Butsudans which are integral to the practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

I also make items of furniture to order and, when the mood takes me, I dabble in some wood-turning – this all serves to keep me occupied and out of my partner’s hair!!


When I was asked to make my first Butsudan over 30 years ago. I had no idea what a ‘Butsudan’ was and I made a simple ‘box-with- doors’ to the dimensions provided.  A couple of years later I made a far more elaborate Butsudan and Base.  It was at about this time that I started to practice the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin and over subsequent years made a number of Butsudans, both simple and elaborate – including my own!

It wasn’t until I moved to Wales over 15 years ago that I was able to set up a workshop and since then, I have made Butsudans to commission on a regular basis using a variety of timbers.

I have now settled on a quite simple, yet stylish, design for my Butsudans and I make them in 2 sizes:  Standard Okatagi (maximum size 56 cm H x 40 cm W x 13 cm D) and Tokuso Gohonzon size (maximum size 80 cm H x 55 cm W x 20 cm D) – the Tokuso Gohonzon size Butsudan can also have an interior light. I can also make a Riser for any of the Butsudans in a matching timber. The backing on the interior of the Butsudan could be wood (as illustrated) or gold, depending on your choice – just let me know!

I try, wherever possible, to use reclaimed timber in the manufacture of my Butsudans and, when I can not obtain reclaimed timber, I ensure that I use FSC certified timber.

I very rarely keep Butsudans in stock as I prefer to manufacture to order and, depending on the complexity of design, I aim to complete any commissions within a week or 2 of the initial order.

Please remember that wood, being a living substance, has a variety of appearances and I may not be able to reproduce exactly the Butsudans pictured on this web site – although of course I will do my best!

Recent Commissions


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